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What Is Life Coaching? Can it Help You?

It is useful to understand the difference between life coaching and therapy/counselling. If there is a gap in between you wanting to do something and actually doing it then life coaching can help. Life coaching in other words is concerned with the present and the future. If, on the other hand, you are trying to overcome things from the past, then therapy can be a better option.
What is life coaching?

Life coaching is about helping you achieve things you want to and is based on getting real results. Read about Life coach vs therapist differences.

Do you provide services in-person or online?

All of your life coaching sessions tale place online via Zoom or Skype and we work with clients worldwide including, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and many other countries.

How much do you charge for life coaching sessions?

We provide a free 20-minute consultation. After that, of you wish further sessions, we have a Gold, Silver, or Bronze package.

What can you help me with as a life coach?

If you are someone who wants to achieve certain things but have struggled to set clear goals and to achieve those things you seek to achieve, we can help. It might be to start a new career, create new friendships, to do the trip of a lifetime. It is up to you.

Are you qualified to be a life coach?

We have both completed various certification in life coaching, we both have PhDs, and we have both run successful business, travelled extensively, and have a lot of life experience.

About Me

I am Dr Valeria Lo Iacono and originally from Italy, I have been living in the UK and I have started and run a successful business, studied and gained a PhD in Sociology, travelled extensively and I love helping others to also achieve their goals.

My partner Dr Paul Symonds also offers life coaching as a part of Symo Life Coaching, and he has also as PhD in Sociology, has travelled and lived in several countries and has run two successful business.


“Valeria was extremely helpful and helped me make sense of my goals and I found the coaching extremely useful Highly recommend.”

“I was lacking confidence in a new just where I recently become a new first-time manager. Valeria and Paul really helped me enormously.”

“I’m now in my 50s and I felt I needed more direction. I did a set of 5 coaching 1-to-1 sessions and I am not planning many new challenges.”

Online Coaching Resources

Life coaching books

Our Life Coaching Books

You might be interested in our two books “12 Steps to Mid-Life Success” and the “90-Day Challenge to Mid-Life Happiness”.

Free Resources to Set New Goals

Download these free resources to get your life on track with these free goal settings workbooks.

Downloads for Life Coaches

Are you also a life coach? Interested in buying and downloading our coaching guides, including on life planning, time management, & problem solving?

Benefits of Using a Life Coach

Wondering if getting coaching is really for you or not? here are some of the benefits to help you better decide.

1. Can Help You Improve Your Self-awareness

Through reflective exercises and through probing questions (questions that aim to get to the bottom of what your goals should be) you will quickly be able to understand your own motivations.

2. Goal Setting and Accountability

You will then be able to build a clearer understanding of what your goals should be and how to reach these goals.

Through the sessions you will be able to set clear goals, with mangeable targets, and a clear roadmap to reach those goals.

An important aspect of the coaching is also accountability!

A plan will be put in place to make you accountable i.e. to measure and help you be committed to the achieving the set goals.

3. Improved Confidence and Motivation

For many clients, these sessions help build confidence and also self-esteem.

Developing a Growth Mindset and learning how to develop self belief and to achieve what might have once been the unthinable, is possible.

It’s just that you might need a little guidance to get there!

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

We focus on helping people in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s offering mid-life coaching. Whatever your situation we can do a 20 minute zoom call and see if what we offer in terms of coaching is suitable for yourself, and if we feel that we can genuinely be of help.

You can choose to have life coaching from either of us i.e. Valeria or Paul. We both have qualifications in life coaching, both have PhD’s in sociology, and have both travelled extensively, run a successful business, and have tonnes of life experience.

Valeria – “I myself needed life coaching in the past when I came to a career crossroads. Life coaching helped me to set clear goals and goals that I could action. The result was that I decided to study again (in my 40s) and that led to me successfully getting a PhD and then setting up a successful education business. Now I love to help others and use my own experience and I find it very rewarding helping others”.

No matter where you are in the world geographically, because we offer mid-life coaching online, we are here to help. From USA, to Australia, Somerset, England  to Seychelles. Get in touch whereber you are!

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